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Branding Identity

The Brief

Mumbai Palace is an Indian restaurant chain based in Mumbai, India. The main concept behind this project was to identify key elements within Mumbai traditions to carry out their own visual identity. For this perception of origin to be authentic, I developed an identity  based on the contemporary typography of the Indian restaurant facade. The logo itself is depicted in gold colour, reflecting the royal theme behind the city of Mumbai.

Also, the major focus of this restaurant was to create an unforgettable moment for consumers by letting them taste Mumbai's authentic cuisine under the royal theme.

Logo Identity


The idea behind the logo identity combines the elements of one of Mumbai’s iconic landmarks, ‘The Gateway of India’, an arch monument that was built during the 20th century in Bombay along with the elephants on both sides to recognise the Indian traditional culture.

logo variations.png
business card.jpg
canvas tote bag.jpg
mock upmumbai palace poster.jpg
shop sign.jpg
takeaway bag.jpg

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